1. How is the side plank (anything from the 6 to 8 minute mark)you demonstrated a beginner's move. It's complete unrealistic and extremely dangerous for the novice to even attempt that. I know. I strained my shoulder dearly. I love yoga and the thought of increasing my flexibility but this truly was a bit too much.

  2. love all your videos, but this is one of my favorites!! It is short and sweet and effective. It was also the FIRST video I had my breathing down! I can never seem to keep it consistent and with the moves, but this one was pretty much dead on! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR VIDEOS!! IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED AND NEEDED =) NAMASTE

  3. I’ve been told lately I can’t do running or kickboxing like I use to because of my joints so I’ve started to do yoga focusing on my core strength, that burn in my stomach after this work out has been the best so far

  4. I just started doing yoga following a severe Crohn's diagnosis and I've been trying to change my life. This is exactly the kind of beginner instruction I've needed, you're so easy to keep up with and super laid back!! So excited to have found you Cole, thank you for what you do and Namaste! <3

  5. Cole you are my absolute favorite instructors!!! I don't even bother with any other videos. You have everything I need. You are such a gift to all of us wanting learn and experience the benefits of yoga. Your videos are easy to follow, and you appeal to the beginners as well as the advantage. I love your personality and fun spirit. Thank you Cole!! <3

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