1. New low impact upper body workout! I was actually feeling super sick and bloated when I filmed this cause I was having my period, so you can clearly tell I was out of it 🤣 So I often get asked if you can workout while you're having your period, it really depends on how you feel. I wasn't at 100% but this was a low impact no equipment workout so you can always do something like this when you have your period. Enjoy the workout!

  2. Hi Chole. I have been on 16th day of Summer shred program and I want to tell you how it is progress. 1st week is so hard for me cus I have so much weight. I did your workout and rest many times until finished course. 2nd week, It was bettter for me ,for my body, I think my muscle is more flexible when I move, I have deep sleep, relax and fresh but I can do your workout about 80%( I thought) and my abs is more strenght than before. but finally 16th day for me, can I wondering for myself? and I hope I can pass this program absolutely. I would like to thank you so much for changing me, your workout make new me to be happy about myself more.
    Your fellow.

  3. Tip that I find work really well for me during this work out:
    Close my eyes and imagine myself with cute outfits that I could wear that exposed my arms and shoulder lol

  4. Day 8 of 4 Week summer shred💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 (granted I missed two days and one of them was a rest day) BUT im back on the grind and wow im beat

  5. me seeing chloe ting at the beginning of a workout: (:
    me seeing chloe ting at the end of a workout: (:
    me seeing chloe ting at the beginning of the third workout video of the day: ):<

  6. Day 5- 4 week summer 2020
    Should be day 6 but accidentally took two rest days.
    Feeling quite low tbh. Still only doing the low impact ones and feel like I let chloe down everytime I do.
    Ready to give up but will give it a bit longer

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