1. Day 1- omg the workout was so intense but I pulle through it and I’m going strong day 2 – The workout went faster and was a lil more easier I am in so much pain but definitely seeing a difference

  2. i used to do other workout but it did not effect my waist, yes my abs is more toned, my stomach is flatter but i want my waist to be smaller, i hope this works!
    day 1 : done, it was very brutal lol, i didn’t do everything for 45 secs it’s rlly random i think, its just not right
    day 2 : it burns. the elbow side plank rotation is so hard for me i feel like my left arm isn’t as strong as my right arm, still skipped a few secs but i think better than yesterday
    day 3 : rest
    day 4 : did not do it bcs its that time of the month
    dqy 5 :
    dah 6 :
    day 7 :
    day 8 :
    day 9 :
    day 10 :

  3. DAY 1: HARD because I have never worked out in my life! I'm not fat or anything but I want a small waist

    DAY 2: Still hard, but still working out. Time flew by.🕜

    DAY 3: It got easier I don't know how but it's still a workout🏋️‍♀️

    DAY 4: Rest🍦✨

    DAY 5: Shouldn't have rested yesterday! Back at Day 2 😥

  4. Okay. You may not believe me because I can’t believe either but.. I did this workout for 10 days everyday + her slim tights workout and I literally went from 68,5cm to 66cm in my waist. Totally recommend!!!

  5. Hi Emi, I love your videos and I just wanted to ask you a question. Can I do the 10min booty workout , the 15min thigh workout and the 10min small waist workout twice a day the one after the other? Will I have results? Can I combine them together?

  6. I just found your channel and have subscribed 😊 I’m abit down atm because my belly protrudes a lot when I exhale, eventhough I knew my belly wasn’t flat, just didn’t realise I looked pregnant 😭 I am 53 so possibly it’s meno, but have been doing cardio, including HiiT and including body strength and a pair of 2kg each dumbbells, which btw, are heavy enough for me right now lol. I have lost half a stone since new year and am now 7 stone – perfect for my small frame and height, but, my belly doesn’t show any of this hard work or results. I do hope these exercises will help overtime. How many days a week should I be doing this video and how long to see a decent result please? 😊

  7. I am so mad at myself i couldn’t keep doing the exercises for 45sec and i know if i do them regularly its going to be better but i had to ask if there is someone out there doing it for the first time and having a hard time?

    Off topic but the SLIM LEGS IN 20 DAYS! 10 min No Jumping Quiet Home Workout ~ Emi video is THE BEST for legs

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