1. Hope you guys enjoy this no jumping/low impact CARDIO HIIT workout! How'd you do? Let me know down below! See you soon ❤️- Maddie Xx

  2. I was just 4 months post partum when I broke my leg it’s been 6 months since then and this video has been helping me on my way to a healthier weight ! Thank you so much for posting! I’m actually sweaty without having to bounce or cause pain in my leg. You’re awesome! I really appreciate you ! ❤️

  3. When you’re trying this for the first time with a hurt wrist and a cut on the bottom on one of your feet… now I have carpet burn on the top of the left foot bc I can’t be on my toes for that certain foot lol it was hard and I’m adding this to my workout series which I’ve been doing for 3 weeks now so now I’ve got 7 videos to do and some extra squats during the day😁✌🏼

  4. Sweats are literally DROPPING off my face. Never been sweating this hard before with only a 10-min workout. Damn.. it was really fun tho

  5. I live in a house but the floors are super rickety and squeaky and I tend to work out at like 2 am so I need to be as silent as possible while everyone else is sleeping lol

  6. I love your shorts! And I've seen some of you videos and you have also the matched top, where have you bought those???? <3

    thank you for all these amazing workout you are doing and sharing with us! 😀

  7. the way to get the best out of Maddie's workouts is to WATCH them first (so you can see what's coming up next) and hold a plank or just do squats in place if the moves are too difficult or "loud" on your neighbors.

  8. hey Maddie I LOOVEEEE your silent, no jumping, apartment friendly workouts, please make more 10-20 min intense silent no jumping full body workouts please! Because full body workouts are my fav, but I really can't do any jumping due to health problems and also my family members are quite old, can't take the noise of floor jumping. So I mostly only do ur more silent and less jumping videos, but I love both! Look forward to more of madfit, much appreciated Maddie!

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