1. I did this today and it was great! I did, however slightly tweak it, I completed the original 10mins, but then repeated the cardio part another 3 times so it took 25 mins all in. I really felt it by the last set! Thanks Jesse (and Oliver)!

  2. Can someone please make an at-home workout video for people who live in an apartment with neighbors underneath them that complain about every little noise? No jumping, no plyometrics. I have to do everything with slow, hypertophic movements.

  3. Hey jesse do you know any good ways to strecth the hip-flexor? It usually cramps up when i hold kicks like a yoko-geri or jodan muwashi geri.

  4. I love your short workout movies. Both this and previous also, they're great and they're saving me much time, cause i can exercise during work-breaks. Thx and greetings from another Karate Nerd.

  5. Wow, this was great, I just ran through the entire routine and it was a perfect warm up for a lengthy Kata session I am about to break into. I'll probably have to do Sanchin first to calm my breathing though. lol

  6. Very helpful as well as video 5 minutes ab workout for material arts. I do this every afternoon in my quarantine training. Thank you for all the helpful exercises. Also a greeting to Oliver!💪💪💪

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