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  2. Wow. So to get refund I had to post on Twitter, here, open TWO tech support tickets…got one reply suggesting I try a different product after 4 messages. And finally got a refund. My opinion of this guy has just gone wayyyyyyyy down.

  3. In addition to my previous comment, though I don’t need to say most of the people following this channel probably don’t care, the wider community will, look at all of the other fitness YouTubers
    Scott Herman, Lee Haywood, Jason Blaha, Vince lol most of these guys have been training for years and have similar numbers on their lifts, I will say that Alan Roberts has said himself he can probably overhead press more than Jeff, but Jeff is the man to go to for technique and safety
    Is a 495 dead lift I hate 315 close grip press from the pin is really that impossible?
    I am a nobody, using a commercial gym to train all these years, I can do a close grip bench press from the pins with £225, so why would Jeff not be able to do that with 315? The whole argument is just pathetic, for all you guys out there reading this, sorry if it seems like a rant, but this toxic shit seriously needs to stop
    Even this very video that I am commenting on because I have no other way to reach Jeff, the content of this video has helped me, it is brutal, but safe, reliable and true, next they will be saying he can’t do the metabolic training he does with £10 dumbbells on lateral raises or that he is faking his technique in someway on a reverse hyper The reason he is so big on YouTube and the reason professional athletes go to him it’s because he knows what he’s talking about, he doesn’t believe in quick results he believes in hard work, hard training, sensible nutrition and above all safety, he knows his trade, rant over LOL

  4. ***************** I'm just going to open dispute via Paypal. Getting sick and tired of waiting. Your customer support is REALLY BAD.. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. ****************************

  5. Does anybody have any recommendations for resistance bands? It's tough to judge the quality/resistance level while shopping online. It looks like the band Jeff is using is fairly lightweight but versatile, which I like.

  6. I was diagnosed with plica mediopatellaris. Do you know methods to fix this problem without surgery? It bothers when squatting.

  7. Can you make a video specifically where you show different exercises for the brachialis? It’s one of my many problem areas and none of the other workouts I’ve tried seem to work for me.

  8. This guy have 1.5B+ views on his channel! Numbers don't matter but this shows how much he helped this community and shared his knowledge, thanks Jeff.. you are a legend ❤️🙌🔥

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