1. did this for around 3 weeks now my first day ws so painfull 😭 barely to walk..I give 1day rest then I had it for 3x a week..Now,I'm on my third week I can see the results on my bum ang hip dips 😊..keep it up guys!

  2. This really works
    I was shoked after 3 months
    Guys this is a bit hard but we all can do it by our confident .

    Just keep doing what is given .
    Just think in your mind that i can do it .think it while doing .
    After the exercises do not go directy to the mirror and see if that your hips is wide or not .
    Frist relax yourslef and drink water (normal).

  3. Day 1 : was pretty hard but I’ve done it before but was awhile ago but getting back into and totally ready to change . Hard but did it

    Day 2 : just finished was hard but drinking plenty of water and I’m good

  4. 12 fire hydrants – 0:35

    12 Straight leg fire hydrants – 1:15

    12 Donkey kicks – 1:57

    12 Side lying hip abduction – 2:44

    Abductor squat for 30 secs – 3:36

    Squat abduction kick for 30 secs – 4:20

    Side lunges for 30 secs – 5:04

    Side curtsy lunges for 30 secs – 5:48

    Sumo squats for 30 secs – 6:32

    12 Standing leg raises – 7:16

    12 In and outs – 8:01

    12 Quadruped hip circles – 8:52

    Glute bridge with abduction for 30 secs – 9:35

    Side shuffle for 30 secs – 10:19

  5. im like 1.71 cm tall and im 55 kg and i look like stick and i have been doing workouts for like 2 weeks and i dont see any results i dont know…

  6. I'm getting better doing those exercises and the tempo really helps my breathing making it less painful on the muscles, thanks Milly 😘

  7. I'm on day 4 of your "old" back to school 30 day thing. Im suprised that I can finish all the workouts without too many breaks. I come from 110 kilo. If i lose 3 more kilo, I am on a 50 kilo loss!

    Im now trying to tone a bit, as I have a lot of loose skin. I hope some people here can motivate me? And maybe help me with some healthy, cheap food tips?!

  8. I’m actually gonna be doing this as best as I can because it’s quarantine, i’m bored and feel really motivated for some reason ?? but yeah i’m gonna start! And I will be completely truthful. ———————————————————————————DAY 1: ✅ i feel very … sweaty. While doing the workout i noticed that a lot of the workouts burned my hips while i did them so that’s a good sign ! I am very tired however from doing the workout. Make sure to stay hydrated after you do it guys ! I also did 20 of each workout since I just didn’t feel like 12 was enough:// —DAY 2: ✅ Again, very sweaty. Not a lot of the exercises burned as bad as they did yesterday when i did the workout and it was a bit easier to do. Again i did 20 of each workout and I will for the rest of my time doing this. Of course, I didn’t see a difference but i’m not giving up hope ! —Day 3:✅ ehh, let sweaty this time. And it’s gotten more easier to complete. Of course, haven’t seen a difference since it’s only day three but i’ve seen people tell me and let me know that this workout works so stay motivated! Make sure to hydrate after you complete and eat healthy, you don’t wanna do this workout for nothing ! —Day 4: ✅ More easier and I didn’t get sore at all ! Of course I still see no difference but then again it’s only my fourth day of doing it so stay motivated if your also only this far along trying to find out if this works. I use a little bit of weight while doing the side shuffle btw. Anyways, make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy!

  9. I would do this workout just on any day that I felt like it. My hips didn't get wider (did i perhaps do it wrong?) but I'm still thankful because my butt grew!! 😂 I didn't notice it really until someone teased me about it. I checked and it was true! Lovin my butt 😁 I used to have flat ass 😂

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