1. I am from India and your videos are helping too much so as to stretch my body..as I am preparing for Airforce PFT, due to which lots of pain generates in my body..but ur stretching exercise helped me a lot…thanks and Love from India❤️

  2. Does anyone else have problem with doing frog kicks? When I lay down on my stomach and try to move legs in that manner, it hurts and feels like I'm gonna squish my intestines. I'm probably doing it wrong, but I don't seem to find the alternative 😒

  3. Am I the only one whose body won't allow them to do frog kicks, its like physical impossible for me, not even on a "the move is hard" kind of way, my legs just don't do that. Sooooo I end up twerking 🤪 lol

    Anyway good day ladies and gents, Goodluck on all you fitness goals. And Thank you Chloe

  4. hey guys I'm not sure if I'm doing the exercises properly. Every time Chloe says "your butt should be burning right now" mine kind of isn't. I've recorded myself to look at my form afterwards and I suppose it's passing but I don't really feel like my glutes are on fire by the end of the video or just like in the middle of the workout. I want to buy the resistance bands because I think it could just be that I need more of a challenge but I currently can't afford that so I don't know what else to do. any advice?:(

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