1. i saw a comment doing this so i decided to start this as well! I am about 100 lbs, i started this workout May 24, 2020.
    Day 1: not bad at all , i practiced more on my form n suprinsingly didn’t take any breaks unless the ones where she gave one. see u soon tmrw for day 2!

  2. I've doing this workout and it's impressive how within a week I was so much better doing those exercises. I feel really, really good, my whole body is hot after the exercise (those sweet endorphins being released inside the brain)

    And today I noticed even though my booty hasn't changed my thighs are nice and toned. Boy I always had nice legs but those exercises are making them even better. Impressive!

  3. hey guys, i just wanted to say you can do this! i've been doing this for a few days now and it gets easier each time. you can and will achieve your goals, don't give up (:

  4. I’ll be doing this workout everyday up until PROM 🤩 I’ll update here!
    Im 5’4 115 lbs.
    Start: 35.5 in/ 90.2 cm
    Day 1 ☑️: I have asthma and I was breathing hard by the 3rd rep. I’m sweating bullets and I could definitely feel a burn in my glutes! I’ll be back tomorrow!
    Day 2 ☑️: ok well I was breathing harder than yesterday. I was a tad bit sore but only in my left glute so today I tried to make sure I was putting in the same work on the other glute. I was also working on my FORM. I felt more burning in my right glute today so I think it went well. I’ll be back tomorrow! For anyone wondering why you don’t feel a burn in your glutes, you have to SQUEEZE your butt, I know it feels awkward but you’ll see results better this way!
    Day 3 ☑️: OMG! After day 3 everything feels SO much easier! Doing this workout wasn’t so hard. It only hurt because I’m SO sore! But you just have to work through it. Right now I feel like the only motivation I have right now is due to you guys because if I wasn’t trying to keep you guys updated I would have stopped already. So even if it’s only one person I’m helping or several, I’m glad you’re here. ❤️ I’ll update tomorrow! (Edit: I CAME BACK JUST TO SAY IM MEASURING AT 36 IN! I cannot be lying rn. I’m literally shook. And I wouldn’t be lying because the first time I measured I was wearing spandex. This time I measured I was only in my underwear so I know it’s legit. IM SO EXCITED. STAY MOTIVATED AND YOULL SEE RESULTS)

  5. Hey guys i will do this workout and write down how it is and if it works:)
    Day 1: OMG this workout is so hard I'm dying. I took short breaks, like every 4 minutes. See ya tomorrow

  6. I've often been called out for being skinny and I'm tired of it. But I will come out of this pandemic healthy and happy! And so will all of you, who want to make a change in yourself for better! You got this.💯

  7. Been doing this type workout for 5-10 minutes a day for almost six moths now my butt has grown almost 3 inches!!!! My hip dips are going away I almost gave up because I didn’t see results for a week but I promise it gets better

  8. I was planning to start a booty workout because i have fat in my thighs but not booty so i searched and your video is just perfect.i just came from doing today's workout and i am loving it.it was hard to wakeup after yesterday's workout pain but i pushed myself to make it consistent.thank you million.

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