1. I’m so excited to start this series as the summer season is coming soon, it motivates me to workout and make more videos for you guys. Let’s sculpt the body together! Please share the videos and subscribe to my channel to show your love and support, I’d appreciate it a lot! Have a nice weekend everyone, hope to see you in my next video!

  2. Honestly this is the first time im exercising and don't feel liked passing out lol. I mean this is the first video I've watched for u n tried it and I'm loving it..thank you so much Hana

  3. Hana… I saw your IG and its great.. Can u please make for us weekly workout plan with your videos pleeeeeeeeease. From glutes and legs, then abs, obliques to full body cardios… Like Monday to Friday…

    Yours sincerely,
    Ardent fan

  4. I just discovered your videos today & I'm glad I did!! YOU workout in videos & that's what I was looking for. I'm starting with this video 1st and will alternate between other videos every other day. YES, I will rest (Thurs/Sun), may be just Thursday. THANKS AGAIN!!

  5. hi Miss Hanna..Im a begginer..can you suggest my first work out to achive flat stomach and bigger butt and wider hips..thankyou for your response..

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