1. I have bad knees right now and cannot do things like squats and lunges at this time. I'm hoping that after I lose some weight that'll change. I'm just wondering if you have any jump rope routines that don't include those

  2. Quit smoking 3 months, ago circulation is terrible. I'm 26, 3 – 4 stone overweight, day 1 today and I am out of breath! God damn that felt good!

  3. Wanna know where to buy that kind of rope? Mine is just so tiny and light and hits me all the time and it hurts. Usually do 10 sets of 100 counts but sometimes it’s frustrating.

  4. Been doing this video 3x to maximise my cardio everyday. I'm soaked in sweat but have noticed a big change in my fitness and physical appearance, THANK YOU JRD!!!!!

  5. We did air squats in jail, then added water bags slowly, I tell ya, I seen a dude get JACKED off those in 6 months, I mean HUGE, ramen noodles do work when done right.

  6. Been doing this workout for more than a week now to get the basics: it serouisly works! I play twice everytime! It is def the best rope workout for beginner, you get to learn thoroughly the good mouvements! Thank u so much for this video 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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