1. BEGINNER STYLE ABS! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Would you like to see more beginner style videos?? Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up and leaving a comment down below! Much love! xx

  2. im thirteen and im going into high school. i wanted to look beter for next year, and although i just finnished this workout for the first time, i already feel better.

  3. I have been putting up excuses for so long and this is the first ab routine in so long. Thanks for the awesome circuit and the simplicity of this video. How many times. week do you think would be best for a fresh beginner?

  4. For a beginner's session, you do not explain the exercise very well. It would be useful if you included which part of your abs you should be feeling it, where you shouldn't be feeling it etc.

  5. Thank you so much! I was searching for a beginner ab workout, but everything was too intense. This workout makes ab exercises attainable, while still being challenging. I feel like you are training me up for the next step!

  6. this is your better video for beginners. Exercises are intense and easy. Thanks to this, I can get tired. There are not too long breaks and jumps. I live in a block and I can't jump.

  7. This is legit the only ab workout I have been able to do properly because I have such weak abs (minus the hip dips). This is truly beginner and I believe it is going to get me the basic ab strength I need to do other ab workouts. I love how you never seem rushed and take time to explain and do form properly. All other ab workout have just given me sore hip flexors, meaning my abs weren't even engaged and I was "cheating" cuz my abs were not strong enough for the excercises I was doing. I'm so excited about this, doing this 4 times a week now till I feel confidentto move to harder stuff!

  8. I could just about keep up with this but I have been doing other 'beginner' abs work outs before. So my feeling is that this is more than just beginner but I will keep trying! The initial full body crunch from lying is a big step up for me!

  9. Any advice for those who suffer with their backs? For example, the last exercise is not so hard the abs for me as much as it is for my back. I can’t keep up because my back hurts. Any suggestion of how to twist this around and make it work?

  10. Madfit, I'm so glad I found your vids. With the quarantine taking place here in Florida I've been in a bit of a depression for not being able to get into a gym, as a beginner too it's been tough not knowing what I could do at home. Just completed this as best as I could and holy hell does it feel great!!!! Thank you!!!!

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