1. This is amazing. I had such a good workout and loved the intensity, timing, video aesthetic, everything! Please pls pls do more follow-along videos!! 😍

  2. Unfortunately, I couldn't work out for the last three days and today I got up and somehow started to waste time watching YouTube videos and being unproductive. Until your video popped up in my recommendations. The best thing that could possibly happen, you instantly get me motivated to get out and work out!

  3. I just started my channel and will be posting a variety of follow-along workouts! just finished posting a full 6-week home workout challenge routine 🙂

  4. Perfect exercises! I did it already, I have to hold my hair course my Cat wants to work with me 😂 I have started watching you and I have lost 4 kg! Thats only 2 weeks, I hope I am able to lose 5 more, thank You soooo much ❤ greetings form Poland

  5. Sophie, your workout mat looks good.. I'm looking for a thicker one that can absorb jumping (so I don't annoy the neighbours downstairs) but I don't like the typical cheap spongy ones. Your's looks high quality xx

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