1. When your out of shape, there is no natural range of motion.
    Obviously you don't want to do something that causes pain or discomfort, but too many do's and dont's.

  2. Goober talk from a dude who sounds like he suppliments with soy.

    I'll stick to the old school. There's a reason people listen to old bodybuilders; they know what the hell they're talking about.

  3. @10:55. I disagree with your analysis on the leg press machine. I feel like I have much better control of the weight on the leg press machine. There is much less strain on my knees as well than on a regular squat.

    The leg press machine, is the only way I can get a good workout using squating motion without my knees catching fire.

  4. Hip adductor machine ( use lighter weights) can prevent and fix groin pain . This pain comes from hockey. Stopping/ changing direction too quickly. Not a tear but stretched. If you play hockey,check it out.

  5. I mean behind the head shoulder presses are good for your overall shoulder mobility, that being said it is something that you would have to work on with lighter weight first which a lot of ego lifters don't like doing.

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