1. Took more than 2 weeks off while working through the mornings. So glad to be back at it. Catching up on some workouts. I don't remember there being so many advertisements before. I appreciate all the effort you're putting forth to keep us in the Orange Zone. Interrupted with 5 commercial breaks seems a little much in stopping the flow of it all. Is this the new normal? I'll figure it out. Minor thing for all that you're doing here, but I almost feel more bad for you than us. All that great production to be spliced up by 2 commercials.

  2. Really enjoying these workouts but can we please get some new music? It can be stock but the same music day after day is getting pretty boring.

  3. Fantastic workout start to finish! Really appericate the bell rings however was not able to hear such a sound clearly in the Plank Series. And it was unfortunately absent in the Flexibility block. Thankful for the timer and bar countdown movement to keep me on pace. Sweat has been earned. Thank you for today's workout program #morelife

  4. Fun workout! I enjoyed the longer block but I felt block 3’s exercises were not strenuous enough to require frequent and lengthy rests. To adapt the workout to my preferences I did the exercises for 15-30 secs longer in round 2 and 3.

  5. Thank you Orangetheory Fitness for continuing to provide great at home workouts. Please keep up the good work. The addition of the audible chime is very helpful! Is it possible to increase the volume of the chime? Sometimes it's hard to hear when the song in the video is loud.  
    I have one constructive criticism; In an attempt to be more body positive perhaps John could choose a supportive word when referring to Emily's flexibility. In stead of saying "Emily has RIDICULOUS-deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd- flexibility".  How about something like "Emily has amazing, remarkable, or phenomenal flexibility.  
    Again thanks for providing these workouts to keep us active and committed!

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