1. Had a rebounder for many years but actually fell away from it. Felt that some classes were way too complicated and dare I say aggressive. not at all my thing this was great. I have so much weight to lose and fitness to gain. thanks so much girls

  2. 2 days new to rebounding and searched YouTube and have to say you guys are a breath of fresh air,clear and provide but most of all you guys are very likeable with a workout that's fun and will show results fantastic keep the good work up

  3. Hey girls I’ve fractured my T 10. Three years ago my C 8. Am in pain still
    Which excersies can l do for now please to mend my bones 🙏

  4. if you are doing this for beginners…the first thing you should do is let them get to know their rebounder.. you could start off with some stretches on top of the ring while gently marching. this isn't a solid surface and for people who are new to it …it's a balance issue…especially if you are older or out of shape. a person can really get hurt. you two are fantastic so please don't think i'm being critical because it isn't meant to be that way. i had several fitness studios and taught for 45 yrs with a AFAA certification. i know beginners will love you if you just start slow with a warm up before moving on! now…i'm going to do your workout! and wish you great success so please keep doing more! thank you!

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